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40x Magnifiers

This 40x magnifiers tool is perfect for those who love to buy and display jewellery. The tool makes it possible to see detail that otherwise would be impossible. The led light makes it possible to see detail even in darkness. The loupejeweler also offers a variety of other accessories to make shopping and display more convenient for consumers.

2 PACK - Illuminated 30X - 60X & 40X Jewelers Loupe Lighted

Best 40x Magnifiers Features

This is a 40x magnifiers eye loop that can be used to magnify objects up to loupes. The loop can be styled to create a variety of looking optics with its optical compound lens. The loop can also be fixed to a jeweler's watch toma or to help with watch repair.
This microscopes magnifiers is a great tool for microscope vision and microscope images. It is leduv illuminated with a case by wesleys and it makes microscope vision and images much easier.
This 40x magnifiers package includes 2 illuminated 30x magnifiers and 60x magnifiers. They are perfect for shining light on tasks such asés?